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Bastion Walkthrough Part 41: Burstone Quarry (2 of 2)

Check out this walkthrough for the action/RPG game Bastion and beat "Burstone Quarry" with this online demo.


In any case, it's fair to say the Quarry was a godsend. Those rocks... all polished to a mirror sheen...

The largest ones... you know as Cores. A single Core could keep the lights on in an entire City district. The smaller ones... we call them Shards. A Shard's got a fraction of a Core's power. Enough to fuel a voyage to the motherland.

Well now the Quarry's all dried up. These rocks are much too young to be of use.

Remember how I said Rattle-tails ain't the worst thing in the Quarry? That honor goes to a beast we took to calling... Sir Lunky. Massive thing stomped many of our boys. We just couldn't get rid of him. The only thing harder than the rocks in Burtsone Quarry is Sir Lunky's head. His big fat rump's plenty tough too. But so is the Kid.

We never could get stubborn old Lunky to leave the Quarry alone. Then the Kid hears a voice calling from down the hall. Are you all right, it says.

It's him. I've come to warn you, he says. The Bastion... is under siege. Kid hears him but he ain't about to be deterred. If that's the way it is, he says... Then I won't stop you. Because my countrymen will.

Say what you will about Zulf, but he's a man of his word. His countrymen don't much care for pleasantries though. Too bad for that. Zulf showed them the way here. And here they came... to take revenge. They got inside the Bastion and shut the door. Kid's got to go in through the back. I should have told him sooner. About all this. To make matters worse, seems the Ura took the girl.

Unfortunately... They broke in... and then they started... digging their holes. Something wrong sprung out of those holes. And it's eating away at this place. We tried to stop them. But we needed help.

Our baby Pecker, he don't make it. Our little Squirt, he don't make it. The Ura think they got him. ...They're wrong.

Somehow, some way, he sends those Ura packing. Problem is... it didn't matter. Zulf's plan worked. We find each other as the dust settles. Then I tell him why the Ura came: To get us back... for the Calamity. It was Caelondia's master plan to wipe the Ura out. But part of that plan backfired, didn't it. If only Zulf knew the whole story.

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