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Bastion Walkthrough Part 46: Zulten's Hollow (1 of 2)

Check out part 47 of this walkthrough for the action/RPG game Bastion and beat "Zulten's Hollow" with this online demo.


Narrator: Zulten's Hollow is the Ura's border blockade, at least it used to be. When the Ura attacked, we took it hard. And now, it's personal for him and it's personal for me.

They never saw him coming. He gets his hand on the care package I sent him. It's a little something I've been fixing up in my spare time. They got their own security and everything, pretty fancy even. Still, they ain't used to having visitors around.

They've got these conductors that are all what's keeping the place together. Break enough of those things and the Calamity rocks slink back to the ground. Those rocks are like tumors, the same kind the Ura planted in the Bastion.

Well, the Ura must be in a panic right about now. They even sic their little Rattle-tail pets on the kid. Those rodents are just a bump in the road. Kid's picking the whole place apart piece by piece.

By now, every Ura from here to the Terminals must know he's in town. Most of the Ura's conductors are squared in the way in the middle of the Hollow. The Ura ain't pulling their punches. The Ura keep hanging onto their barricade. After all, their homeland's not much farther.

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