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Bastion Walkthrough Part 53: The Tazal Terminals (3 of 3)

Check out this walkthrough for the action/RPG game Bastion and beat "The Tazal Terminals" with this online demo.


You're wondering if there ain't some other way out of this mess. It's all right. I can tell. But why would you even want another way, unless...unless you wanted to stay here, with us...?

Well, that's sweet and all, but... I don't know if I can stick around.

The weight of the's on our shoulders. We can't just let it go...

The Bastion does have another function, strictly speaking. If ever the Monument blew out, and we couldn't repair it, we could still...evacuate. First we'd round up as many folks as we could carry. Next, we'd detonate the Cores...and we'd take off. Away from here.

Of course, that would going back. Ever. But then again... That way, all of us could...leave the City...Together.

You know Zulf and his countrymen won't be giving up that Shard without a fight, don't you? Zulf and the Ura...all they want now is to see the Bastion fall.

Zulf dedicated his life to a lasting peace between the Ura and Caelondia. He can't have imagined the City would try to wipe the Ura out. Zulf ain't lost every shred of decency, though, has he.

He tried to warn you about his plans. He tried to warn the Kid... For Zulf this ain't a personal matter. It ain't a simple matter of pride either. It's such a shame. But that's life.

One thing's for sure. The Ura can't be happy that the Kid followed Zulf all the way home.

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