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El Shaddai Walkthrough Part 1: The Journey Begins

Check out this walkthrough for El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron and beat "The Journey Begins" with this online demo.


Male: It's time, Enoch. You ready to leave? I've got to say, I'm looking forward to this trip. Say, you've not been down below for some time, have you? You're in for a surprise. Enoch, you sure that's enough armor?

Enoch: I'll take the best you have.

Male: Right. Time to go. Enoch. See those figures in the distance? Try and reach them. The tools and weapons humans use are all based on wisdom from heaven. Wisdom humans couldn't attain in a thousand years. Anyway, try jumping to those figures. Okay. Can you take it from here?

Enoch, humans have a unique gift, the power of choice. Free will. They can follow any path they desire. So choose your path carefully. The future of mankind depends on it. Not bad. If you're that good with your bare hands, let's see how you handle one of God's weapons. An arch. It's one of those little shards of wisdom the fallen angels stole. Now try it, Enoch.

It was only when various shards of God's wisdom were stolen that Samyaza's betrayal was uncovered. But by then, he together with the Grigori he led, had already fled.

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