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El Shaddai Walkthrough Part 11: The Tower (5 of 5)

Check out this walkthrough for El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron and beat "The Tower" with this online demo.


Lucifel: Hey. He seems to be having trouble. It'll take more than this to keep him down. I'll be in touch.

Angel: I sense a Fallen Angel.

Watcher Sariel: Human love is a source of unlimited power. I descended from Heaven to find that "love". That is why I must fight you...even though you come in the name of the Lord!

Angel: They're really going to fight? You must not fall here.

Enoch: No problem. Everything's fine.

Watcher Sariel: This is not amusing.

Uriel: Hold, Sariel!

Angel 2: It looks as if they've succumbed to Sariel's will.

Uriel: Know our true intent. You of all people can envision the future of the Tower. How it will evolve...

Disembodied voice: Tell me, boy...have you never lifted anything heavier than a pen?

Angel 2: That's a Nephilim--a creature born from the unholy union of humans and angels. Enoch. Follow it into the Tower.

Lucifel: You could clear this in seven hours, if you're good enough...

Enoch: These are portraits of the Archangels.

Uriel: A fitting rendition of Uriel-- the angel of warfare. It would appear this is me. So this is how humans picture the Archangel Michael. This must be Raphael. The kindness in his heart is perfectly plain. Gabriel...this atmosphere of wisdom truly befits her.

Lucifel: So now you're in. Each floor of this Tower is a world ruled by one of the Fallen Angels. The first floor is Ezekiel's realm. She lives here with all of her so-called children. Your first job is to capture her and return her to Heaven. I'll be praying for you. At long last Enoch enters the Tower. Each of the Watchers lives on a floor within the Tower, along with their worshipers. The lowest level is reigned over by Ezekiel. Enoch enters the world inhabited by Ezekiel and her "children", in order to locate and bind her as the next step in his mission to save humanity.

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