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El Shaddai Walkthrough Part 13: The Mercy of Ezekiel (2 of 5)

Check out part 14 of this walkthrough for El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron and beat "The Mercy of Ezekiel" with this online demo.


Man: Stand near this object and purify it to receive one of God's weapons. Which weapon you receive depends on the object's state.

Man 2: Ezekiel abandoned heaven for the natural beauty of this world. However, this love of hers has grown into an obsession. An obsession that will eventually destroy the very world she adores.

Man 3: At last. The final weapon...That's a Veil...Go on - take it...

Man: This creature wields a Veil. You need its divine weapon. Knock it unconscious and steal its weapon.

Man 3: What are you waiting for? Grab a Veil.

[Inaudible 00:05:12]

Man 4: No problem. Everything's fine.

Man 3: Um...What are you waiting for?

Man: The Veil provides superior defense. Its destructive power will aid you as well.

Man 3: Hey- Yeah, he's finally got a Veil. No need to worry on that count. I am telling ya, it's not going to be a problem. Look, he's figured out how to use everything so far. Yeah, talk later.

Man: Don't give up. Keep moving.

Man 4: No problem. Everything's fine.

Man: It will let you see if an enemy's weapon is advantageous for you.

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