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El Shaddai Walkthrough Part 31: The Cry of Armaros (4 of 4)

Check out this walkthrough for El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron and beat Chapter 07 "The Cry of Armaros" with this online demo.


Enoch: Talk about a warm welcome. Now he's acting like you're friends. Given the circumstances, it would be rude not to fight him. What's up, Armaros? Forget to pay your bill? Aha, just changing outfits...

Uriel: Allow me to help.

Enoch: So, you lost your voice when you fell. Pity...

Man: Come, Enoch...I want a closer look at you. Come...Have a closer look at what lurks in the dark.

Uriel: Enoch, wait! That leads to The Darkness. You are not ready for it yet.

Man in Black: Enoch, Enoch, Enoch...How could you dive into The Darkness just to save a little girl? Okay, you're a nice guy, but still...What am I gonna do with you? Well, I think I know someone who'd be thrilled to get a shot at saving you...

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