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El Shaddai Ending

Check out this walkthrough for El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron and beat Chapter 11 "Semyaza's Dream" with this online demo.


Female: It is difficult to lose a friend. But you cannot mourn him now.

Male: That object is Semyaza's life support system. He should be inside. His device should open if she draws near. Ishtar. You are the key. Approach the device. Release Semyaza.

Male 2: That's right. Nothing. Zilch. Not a speck of his soul to be seen. Looks like their descent went wrong, right from the very beginning. Uh huh. Hold on a second. Enoch. Aren't you forgetting you still have work to do here?

Male: And so Enoch put an end to the corrupt Tower the Fallen Angels had erected. The long reign of the Fallen Angels came to an end. Humans were freed from their false evolution. Along with this freedom, the Elders' plan to purify the world through a great flood was rescinded. Once again people will freely make their own choices as they head down the natural road of evolution. And we, the Archangels, shall watch over them. For all eternity. . .

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