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RAGE Walkthrough Part 1 - Introduction

Check out this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat the introduction with this online demo.


Woman: Apophis impact in t-minus 100.

Man: Roger, ATLUS control, this is 1134, check for green.

Woman: 1134, all systems green. Ark launch protocol initiated. Cryogenic preparation commencing. Initiate Nanotrite injection.

Man: Check. Cryogenic life support systems online. Subterranean launch injectors ready, 97% nominal.

Woman: All arks secure. Initiate burial sequence.

Man: 1134, check. Targets confirmed, diagnostic ONIC complete and ark personnel entering stases. This is 1134, signing off.

Woman: Understood 1134, go for burial. This is ATLUS control signing off. May we live to see another day.

Ark: External disturbance detected. Cryogenic chambers compromised. Chamber Omega 5 online. Initiating emergency Nanotrite activation. Three, two, one. Nanotrite sequencer online. Release cryogenic chamber seals. Internal Ark temperature nominal. Rebooting internal data systems.

All Nanotrite bio-augmentation systems fully deployed. Nanotrites active. Current position, unknown. Remote location beacon offline. Running full diagnostic tests. Ark external pressure seals fully released. Safe egress is now confirmed. Outer door lock, disengaged.

Dan: Hey you! Over here! It ain't safe here. Get in. I know you got questions, but we got to get moving. Got bandits all over these hills. We best get going. I'm Dan Hagar, and you are one lucky son of a bitch. You know, Ark survivors are worth a lot of money to whoever hands them over to the Authority.

Wait, you don't even know the Authority yet. Well, I guess you don't know anything about any of this. Welcome to the future.

Hold on, got bandits.

Damn shame you're still wearing that Ark suit. It's a dead giveaway. Pretty much their world out here. Probably looking for their buddies. Damn, now we both got a problem.

We need to get to my place. Once they see what I've done, they'll be coming for blood, and for you. I've got a plan that might get us both out of this mess.

Ah, here we are. Home, sweet home.

We need to talk. Get out of the buggy. Come on, this way.

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