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RAGE Walkthrough Part 2 - Quell the Bandit Threat

Check out part 3 of this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "Quell the Bandit Threat" with this online demo.


Dan Hagar: You know, I put a lot at risk to save you. Not just my life, but the lives of everyone here. I survived this long by staying out of trouble. Saving you may have changed all that. So here's what I need you to do: head to where those Bandits live and wipe them out, plain and simple. No one walks out alive, except you. You can use one of my ATVs in the garage and that pistol and the supplies on the table.

And you won't just get my thanks. Come back alive and I'll dig up some armor that will fit over that Ark suit that you're wearing. We got a deal?

One more thing, those Bandits shouldn't be too hard to take down, not for you. I hear there's something special about you Ark people.

You need to find their hideout and take care of the problem. It's us or them, and they'll be coming.

Bandit 1: I need something to fight. Chase him down!

Bandit 2: You're over there! Come here, son of a bitch.

Bandit 3: ...look good on the walls!

Bandit 4: Well, well, look at what Hagar sent to us. How dare you think you can walk into our house. Take him to the kill room.

Bandit 4: Ah, you're awake. Good. I like my prey to know what's coming. I promise, this will hurt.

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