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RAGE Walkthrough Part 4 - Where's Juno and Radio Tower Repair

Check out part 5 of this walkthrough for Rage, from id software and beat "Medical Supplies", "Where's Juno?" and "Radio Tower Repairs".


Dan Hagar: Just past the hill across the way you'll find another settlement. They tend to stick to themselves, but they're friends. And they have have what we need. Just give this letter to Rikter. He'll know what to do. If you help me again, I'll make sure our mechanic in town sets you up with your own buggy. Whaddya say?

Thank you, and before you go make sure you got everything you need. Ammo, wingsticks... if not, see Halek. He's right under the old sign out front.

Rourke: Looking for Rikter? He's up there.

Rikter: You need something, stranger?

Dan's run into some trouble again I see.

Well, Janus is going to need to see this list. Go on. She's just up there. Give her the note but when you're done come back here. I may have something that'll interest you.

Janus: You must be one of Dan's new boys. Let me see what you need.

Some of these things I'll need to track down, but you know the way it works here. We help you, you help us, right? A member of our group, Juno, went missing a few days back, and I'm getting real worried about him. So while I gather your supplies, how about you go look for him? If you find any trace of him, I'll reward you with my own recipe for making healing bandages. Can you please do this for me?

Good luck and I pray that he's safe.

Rikter: Couldn't help but notice stranger, that gun you're carrying isn't much of anything. Could set you up with some real firepower. Help us out here, and I'll give you a real weapon.

Our radio tower up on the hill has stopped working. We need someone to fix it. Probably just out of alignment. You get it fixed for me, I'll give you a shotgun. Sound good?

Good luck, this should be an easy job.

Man: Who's that?

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