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RAGE Walkthrough Part 5 - Where's Juno and Radio Tower Repair

Check out this walkthrough for Rage, from id software and beat "Medical Supplies", "Where's Juno?" and "Radio Tower Repairs" with this online demo.


Rourke: You made it back. Go talk to Rikter. He's waiting for you.

Ramos: Hey you. Looking for some work?

Rikter: Not bad stranger. Didn't know about the mutants. We usually don't get them this far out. You did good though. See Janus. She's waiting to hear what you found.

Janus: Juno's dead? I knew something was wrong, but I had hoped he would show up. This world takes so many good people, but thank you for looking. And here is what you need as well as the plans to make your own healing bandages. Just look for the things listed and put them together. They will help you whenever you are hurt. Thank you again, and good luck.

Rikter: Some advice before you go. These hills are crawling with bandit tribes. They mostly fight each other, but if they find you in their turf they'll kill you first then figure out if you're friendly or not. You watch yourself.

Rourke: Be safe, stranger.

Dan: Good work. I'm starting to think I made a good decision by saving you. You truly are someone we can trust, and I am in your debt. Now, go talk with DR about that buggy. Look for him in the garage.

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