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RAGE Walkthrough Part 6 - The Missing Parts and Find the Buggy

Check out part 7 of this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "The Missing Parts" and "Find the Buggy" with this online demo.


Durar Hagar: Hey buddy. Dan said you were taking that little buggy off my hands. Truth is, not a bad vehicle, but see, it needs work and parts. The work I can do, but the parts you're gonna need to get. Johan back at the Outrigger Settlement should be able to help. Sound good? Okay, see you back here when you get the parts.

Johan Outrigger: So, D R needs some parts for that old buggy? Man, he should just junk it. Now I'd like to give the parts to you, but I'm afraid I have a small problem. 'Fraid bandits raided my garage not too long ago, and ran off with most of my spare parts. You're gonna need to go to their hideout near the old dam and find what you need. Think you can handle this? Could get a bit hot in there. It won't be easy taking on the bandits on their own turf. Here, take some fat boys for your pistol. That ammo kicks some real butt, and in case you run into any locked doors take these plans to build a Lock Grinder. They do exactly as their name says. Good luck. When you get the parts, bring 'em straight to me.

Rourke: This whole area's been getting more and more dangerous.

Wasted Bandit 1: Do you see what they're working on downstairs?

Wasted Bandit 2: Fuck yeah big fucking turrets on the car.

Wasted Bandit 1: Those settler rags won't know what 'it 'em. Fuck, fall back. Everyone fall back!

Wasted Bandit 2: Where is our bloody backup? Move it!

Wasted Bandit 1: Oh crap! Okay, move it!

Wasted Bandit 3: He's slaughtering us here.

Wasted Bandit 4: Don't let him get past!

Wasted Bandit 5: Everyone, push it. Where is he?

Wasted Bandit 6: He's going there.

Wasted Bandit 7: He's taking us all out!

Wasted Bandit 8: Over there!

Wasted Bandit 9: Come get us, you wanker!

Wasted Bandit 10: Move out!

Wasted Bandit 11: Alright, moving out!

Wasted Bandit 12: Fuck you, you bastard.

Wasted Bandit 13: Someone move out.

Wasted Bandit 14: Alright moving. No way. Someone get out there

Wasted Bandit 15: Do it, you wanker.

Wasted Bandit 16: Everyone get back!

Wasted Bandit 17: Hey! Over there!

Wasted Bandit 18: Forget him, let's get out of here!

Wasted Bandit 19: Retreating!

Wasted Bandit 20: Come here, you bastard.

Wasted Bandit 21: Where did he go?

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