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RAGE Walkthrough Part 7 - The Missing Parts and Find the Buggy

Check out this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "The Missing Parts" and "Find the Buggy" with this online demo.


Wasted Bandit 1: Hey, did you catch that episode of Bash TV last night?

Wasted Bandit 2: Fuck yeah!

Wasted Bandit 3: Goddamn cockroaches!

Wasted Bandit 4: No way! This is crazy!

Wasted Bandit 5: Suck on this!

Wasted Bandit 6: Over there!

Wasted Bandit 7: There he is!

Wasted Bandit 8: Look out!

Medic 1: I got his boots. I gotta take a look at this.

Wasted Bandit 9: There he is!

Wasted Bandit 10: You don't belong here!

Wasted Bandit 11: Huh?!

Wasted Bandit 12: What the bloody 'hell?!

Durar Hagar: Those parts should do the trick. Okay, the buggy will be ready soon, but there are a couple of things you have to know before you take that thing out for a ride. Remember, the Wasteland is a dangerous place. Give me a call if you ever smash your vehicle up and can't drive it. I'll give you a lift back here. And also, if you need any repairs just drive back to the garage and I'll fix her up. Ok, let me get these parts installed and you'll be all set. Go ahead and grab that radio on the counter there.

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