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RAGE Walkthrough Part 9 - Dan's Message and Changing Clothes

Check out this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "Dan's Message" and "Changing Clothes" with this online demo.


Dan Hagar: Mayor Clayton runs the town of Wellspring to the east, and I have to get a message to him. And you, you're the only one who can do it.

Our supplies are getting low, and the Mayor's promised help. We need to get restocked before the bandits cut us off again. Can you make the trip?

I knew I could count on you. Remember, you ain't got any guns on that buggy of yours. If you run across any bandits, you get away as quickly as possible, and get to town. It'll be safer there.

Durar Hagar: D R here. Remember, that buggy isn't armed. Get to town as fast as you can.

Solomon: You need to see Mayor Clayton? Wait a sec, I'll tell him you're here. Don't you move. Hello, sir. I have a man here to see you. Looks like Dan sent him.

Mayor Clayton: Interesting. Send him to me right away.

Solomon: The mayor can see you now, but hold on! We got a few rules here in Wellspring. You see, people don't exactly take to strangers here. Just you keep your head down and mouth shut, and you'll do just fine.

Folks here are mighty suspicious. They aren't going to just trust you, at first. My advice, best keep to yourself. Okay, to get to the Mayor's office, just cross the courtyard once you're in town. Can't miss it.

Mayor Clayton: Welcome to Wellspring, stranger. Best little town this side of what passes for civilization, and a few good safe miles from any Authority Outposts. Nicest people you'll ever find live right here. Friendly folk, not your wasteland bandit scum. Good honest people.

Well, enough with all that. So I hear you have a message from our friend, Dan. Let's have it then. Having some trouble with bandits in the settlements again? Dangerous life out there. Deadly even.

Well, I can get all of this stuff he needs. It's going to take some time, though. Not sure how long. He must really respect you to give you this important job. So for now, I'll trust you, too.

You can stay here at Wellspring while I'm getting his supplies, but not dressed like that. You'll bring the Authority sniffing around, and I sure don't need that. So you'll need to lose the Ark suit for something a bit more modern.

Go see the vendor in town, get some new clothes. I don't care what you do with that suit, as long as no one sees you in it again. You blend in, understand? Good, glad we understand each other. When you come back, we can have another little chat.

Ginny: Will you look at how you're dressed? I haven't seen anyone wearing an Ark suit for a long time. Dangerous thing you're doing there. Be careful. Authority spots you, and you'll be hauled away in a flash. You best keep as low a profile as you can around here.

Coffer: Hrmph... A man from the past walks through my door. Goes to show you that no one needs nothing around here. But let's first talk about that suit you are wearing. I could take it off your hands for a fair trade and get you something a little less, well, noticeable.

Each of the suits possesses unique characteristics. It's up to you to decide what works best for you. Ah, the Roughneck. Very good, indeed. Remember, I buy and sell all manner of goods here.

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