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RAGE Walkthrough Part 10 - Renting a Garage and Arming Your Buggy

Check out this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "Renting A Garage" and "Arming Your Buggy" with this online demo.


Mayor Clayton: That's much better. Now you look like any other good hardworking citizen. But, we got another problem. You see, you can't just leave your vehicles parked outside my town. We're civilized here. We have rules, and since it looks like you're gonna be here awhile, you're gonna need a place to park your stuff. Go see Mick across the way in the garage. He can help you. Got that? After you talk to Mick, go see Sheriff Black. He should have Dan's supplies all set by then. You're going to like our sheriff.

Attention citizens of Wellspring. As your mayor, it is my responsibility to ensure commerce and trade flow freely in town. Unfortunately, there have been reports of price...

Mick: Well, well, well, howdy do to you. And what can Mick do for you?

Mayor Clayton: ... gouging, hoarding, and unfair business practices.

Mick: Oh, a garage?

Mayor Clayton: The character of this town is its people, and we must all work together to make it stronger and more attractive to outside traders and travelers.

Mick: Well you've come to the right place. So here's the deal, fairest in the wasteland.

Mayor Clayton: Remember that when one of you successful, all of us are successful.

Mick: You let me do all the repairs on your vehicles, and guess what? That covers the rent for the space.

Mayor Clayton: Working together we can continue to build a safe and prosperous town.

Mick: What a deal! And I see you got one of them shortwave radios. Mighty handy here, might handy, indeed. So, if you get into a jam and need a tow, just get on the radio and give me a blast. How's that for service? That door there will get you into your garage, or just drive up to the main gate outside and I'll let you in. Couldn't be any easier. And lastly, welcome to town.

Sheriff Black: Let me guess. You're the stranger that Clayton says is taking some stuff to Dan's place? I'm afraid that it isn't going to happen quite so easily as that. No way I'm sending all these supplies with you in an unarmed buggy. Might as well dump the damn stuff on the road. What you got to do here is see Rusty by the track entrance. He can get you all set you with some guns. You got it? Get some firepower, and then you can come back and take the supplies to Dan.

Jackie Weeks: Hey my friend. I must say...

Slim: Greetings stranger. You look...

Rusty: You new in town? Well I've got everything you need to keep your vehicle working right. Now listen, I only take racing certificates for any upgrades or parts, and you got to win those on the race track, nothing else. So if you want to deal with me, you best see Jackie Weeks first. He's always on the lookout for new racers.

Jackie Weeks: Greetings! Name's Jackie Weeks, and I'm the impressario who runs all the high speed races in Wellspring. And I do mean all. If you're interested in testing your skill, you can go talk to my business associate over there, Slim. He can get you all setup to race, and do come back if you feel the need, for some speed.

Slim: Welcome friend. Name's Carl, but seems like everyone calls me Slim. Funny, huh? All right. The deal is, if you want to race, you talk to me. Just take a look at all the events we have here. Find something you like, and assuming you meet the requirements, then you're in. All prizes are in racing certificates. You know, good to get new vehicles upgrades at Rusty's. Well everyone needs those. Care to look through the list of events?

Mayor Clayton: Attention all citizens. This is your Mayor. As you are well aware, there have been...

Slim: Drive safe.

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