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RAGE Walkthrough Part 11 - Arming Your Buggy and Dan's Message

Check out this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "Arming Your Buggy" and "Dan's Message" with this online demo.


Race Announcer: Welcome.

Rusty: Look no further than here for all your vehicle needs. Care to browse my selections? See you soon.

Sheriff Black: Good job, those guns should keep you safe, enough. Go ahead and grab the supplies now, and just blow anyone away that tries to stop you.

Mick: You a mighty fine driver...

Dan Hagar: Well, good to see you again, friend. Almost gave you up for lost, and I see you ditched that Ark suit. Why, you could almost pass as one of us. Did old Clayton come through? I know you took some chances getting these back to me, but these supplies will really help my people. I always pay back any favors so I want you to have my pride and joy, the Desert Striker Crossbow. Not your typical bow. It has twice the punch and no one will hear you use it. Now for the bad news. We've seen some Authority patrols not far from here. They must have heard there's an Ark survivor somewhere. You best get back to Wellspring until things quiet down. And good luck my friend.

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