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RAGE Walkthrough Part 13 - Feltrite Sample and Defibrillator Upgrade

Check out part 14 of this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "Feltrite Sample" and "Defibrillator Upgrade".


Mayor Clayton: But whatever it is you've got there, it can't be safe. That's for sure. I want you to take it to someone who can tell us what it is, and whatever the hell we better do about it.

Old man Kvasir, hermit lives by himself. He's a pretty smart guy. Take that sample to him. He can take a look at it, test it, and tell us what those bandits are up to.

I'll let Kvasir know you will be coming. Crazy guy doesn't take to strangers just popping in on him.

Doctor Kvasir: What? Oh, you must be one of Clayton's errand boys. All right, you just wait and we'll see what that Mayor has sprung on you. Step into the lift. Keep your hands at your side.

All right, let's see what you have there. Put it on the counter and we'll see what has Clayton all worried.

Hmm. Interesting, Feltrite. Okay, I need to run tests on this. Might take some time. But you, you also look interesting. There's something different about you. Best I take a closer look at you, too. Interesting, very interesting. You got all those little computers racing around inside you. Secrets, secrets. Everyone's got a little secret, and you must be one big little secret. Haven't met one of you for a long time, since working with the Authority up in the city. You don't know how lucky you are that the Authority hasn't found you yet.

Hmm. If the Authority catches you and you don't have anything they need, you'll be dead. You are part of the old world, not part of their new world. Of course, there are people who stand up against them. Not many of them. They call themselves the Resistance. Not that I profess to have any special knowledge of them, but they exist, in small bands, fighting back. And maybe, just maybe, you could be useful to them.

You've survived this long. You must have some survival skills worth using. But you aren't going to last long in a fire fight against the Authority with that standard defibrillator in your chest. I can give you an upgrade for it, something that might keep you alive longer, but that will require a little effort on your part. You see, I don't have the necessary equipment here, but you can find what you need in the Dead City.

A well-named place, as you will soon see. In the middle of the city is a hospital, one I was proud to work in, until the research took a decidedly twisted turn. I didn't see everything that was done there, but I heard the rumors. Now it's surrounded by a tremendous wall, filled with living memories of the horrors committed there.

Going there and getting back won't be easy. But without and upgraded defib, you won't last another week here. I'd say, you have no choice. The hospital is in the middle of the city. Find your way into the basement. Look for anything relating to the Ark program. That should be the place to find that upgrade.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot, the only way into the city is through the sewers outside the walls. Good luck.

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