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RAGE Walkthrough Part 16 - Feltrite Sample and Defibrillator Upgrade

Check out this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "Feltrite Sample" and "Defibrillator Upgrade" with this online demo.


Doctor Kvasir: You made it back in one piece.

Doctor Kvasir: Now, just stay still and I'll get that defib upgrade installed. Shouldn't hurt too much.

Doctor Kvasir: Okay, there you are. Now you have twice the resurrection power, and I do believe that you will need it.

Doctor Kvasir: Remember, the Authority is ruthless. Alone, it is only a matter of time before they get you. Your future will lay ultimately with the Resistance, but that isn't the path we need to take now.

Doctor Kvasir: Alright, I've finished analyzing the Feltrite sample you brought. What the Bandits are trying to do, successfully it would seem, is refine the Feltrite into an explosive accelerator. Very dangerous in their hands. This piece has been neutralized, but you best bring it to Clayton. He needs to know what he may be facing.

Doctor Kvasir: Take it to him.

Doctor Kvasir: Come again soon, my friend from the past.

Mayor Clayton: Attention, good people of Wellspring, it is my pleasure to announce a recent trade agreement with the town of Gun Barrel in the Southern Territories. This trade route will be a great benefit to all of us, and it will open up commerce to what was a dangerous territory. Remember working together benefits every citizen and makes this town stronger. Thank you for your attention.

Mick: Heard you went visiting old man Kvasir. He's a man full of knowledge. I'd listen to what he says, if I was you.

Mayor Clayton: Very interesting, and very troubling. Thank you for helping us with this. Take this for your troubles.

Mayor Clayton: You have proven yourself to be very capable and reliable and best of all, you even came back alive. I'm sure Sheriff Black will have some work for you. You see, you're beginning to gain a reputation, friend.

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