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RAGE Walkthrough Part 17 - Cuprino Needed and Mutant Bash TV

Check out this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "Cuprino Needed", "Dusty 8 Sponsorship", and "Mutant Bash TV".


Sheriff Black: You made it back. Good thing. Got a problem and I believe you might be the man for the job. The North is a dangerous place for small buggies like yours. Afraid you're gonna need something with a little more muscle. You need to get your hands on a Cuprino.

I've got supplies I need to run up north, but come back when you have the right wheels, all right? The easiest way to get a Cuprino is to win one. Try Jackie Weeks. He can set you up for just the right kind of race.

Warren: Hello.

Jackie: Attention, the Dusty 8 sponsored event is now open. Always a local favorite. Are you looking for a better set of wheels? Then the Dusty 8 sponsored event is just what you need. This event gives our local business leaders a chance to show what they've got for sale. A little promotion mixed in with all that speed and the mayhem. Win win as I say. The best racers win the best cars. You wanna race, then you'll need a sponsor.

I hear the guy that runs that show Mutant Bash TV or something like that, is looking for a driver. Maybe you should talk with him. You can find his little shack of horrors down by the Southern highway. Just look for the sign with his face on it.

JK Stiles: Well will you look here. A new face, a new body. I am so glad I got out of bed this morning. Let me guess. You need a sponsor. Great! Muy bueno. We are simpatico. You want sponsorship and I need a contestant. The game is easy. You enter my little arena and the game begins.

Rules pretty simple, kill or be killed. You make it through alive, give me a good show and you'll have your sponsorship. Easiest sponsorship in the wasteland. You ready? Excellent! Put a good show on and I'll put it in re-runs for years.

Welcome viewers to another exciting rock 'em sock 'em episode of Mutant Bash TV, the show where carnage is King. We've got a fresh new competitor here today. Straight from the past. He looks tough, but is he ready to compete? We'll soon find out. But now, give it up for our hero!

In a test of skill, our contestant must complete all the arenas under the part time posted on the electro screen. Simple enough you say? Well, not so fast. We've got a fresh batch of Northern Muties here today. They're tough and fast, so our contestant best be on his toes. All right, Let's get this show on the road!

Kill or be killed is what this game is all about. Let's start the show!


Let's turn up the challenge.

Step through the open door to get ready for the next challenge.

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