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RAGE Walkthrough Part 18 - Mutant Bash TV

Check out this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "Mutant Bash TV" with this online demo.


Are we ready for the second challenge?

Get ready for more Mutant madness!

That will look painful.

Great job so far. Head through the doorway to the next arena!

Congratulations contestant! You've made it to the bonus round! Here is a chance for our contestant to win some big money prizes. It's very simple. Shoot the target to stop each wheel on a prize before the time runs out! Watch out for Mutants! Good luck!

Jackpot of Mutants!

He's done a great job of surviving so far. Let's hope our contestant is up for the next challenge.

Welcome to Shipwreck Cove! Let's turn up the challenge. Watch out for the floor spikes. To survive, you'll need to be extra quick on your feet. Will he become lunch to flesh-hungry Mutants or become victim to the ultimate body-piercing?

And now for the final challenge!

What a great show! I dare say the best contestant this month! Don't go away folks. As our contestant makes his way to the podium, let's take a few moments to hear from our sponsors. This episode is brought to you by Rusty's Auto Parts. Rusty's, servicing your ride for 10 years.

Bravo, bravo! The best contestant this month. Here is your Sponsorship Letter. Good luck in the race. Now, before you go, care to star in another episode? I've got big money prizes.

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