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RAGE Walkthrough Part 20 - Destroy the Bomb Caches (1 of 3)

Check out part 21 of this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "Destroy the Bomb Caches" with this online demo.


Sheriff Black: Now that you have been up North I bet you've seen those small Remote Bomber Cars in the Canyon, big trouble those have become. They're made by the Shrouded Clan, smart bunch of bandits, and to keep that Canyon safe we need those things stopped. What I need you to do is get inside their hideout, find the stock pile of bomb making parts, and blow it to hell. One of my men uncovered their plans to make the damn things. You'll be able to build one and use it to get in. You think you can do this? Take these plans. Build bombs yourself and use them against these bastards.

Steward: Hello.

Male 1: Hello.

Bot: Hey, you!

Male 2: He's over there! He's still there! Let's go. Hey, move it. He's fighting those bots.

Shrouded Foreman: What the fuck was that? Someone check out what's going on upstairs.

Male 3: I think I heard something. Sweep the area. Oh, shit!

Shrouded Foreman: Hey, guys. Where the hell are all those parts? I need them here now.

Male 4: All roght. Everyone fall back!

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