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RAGE Walkthrough Part 21 - Destroy the Bomb Caches (2 of 3)

Check out part 22 of this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "Destroy the Bomb Caches" with this online demo.


Enemy 1: He's over there!

Enemy 2: Cover me! Go, go!

Enemy 3: There he is! Throw a frag! Bring it over!

Enemy 4: Man, I haven't had a break all week. This is bullshit!

Enemy 5: I'll tell you what's bullshit, making us work right next to all these.

Enemy 6: Man down!

Enemy 7: He's right here! Get away! It's a bomb!

Enemy 8: Damn! I can't see him!

Enemy 9: Get your ass over here!

Enemy 10: He's on the tunnel!

Enemy 11: I never see any action.

Enemy 12: Not good! Throw grenade! Incoming!

Enemy 13: Get up there! Fire in the hole! Frag!

Enemy 14: Move back! Coming through!

Shrouded Foreman: Damn it! These fuckers got to be near the workshop! Flush them out!

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