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RAGE Walkthrough Part 22 - Destroy the Bomb Caches (3 of 3)

Check out this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "Destroy the Bomb Caches" with this online demo.


Shrouded Foreman: Dammit! Those fuckers got to be near the workshop! Flush them out!

Enemy 1: Search under way.

Enemy 2: Man down

Enemy 3: Throw a grenade!

Enemy 4: Son of a bitch!

Enemy 5: Watch where you throw!

Enemy 6: He's down! Let's get this mess cleaned up.

Enemy 7: Ambush!

Enemy 8: Flush him out! Okay moving back. Fire in the hole!

Enemy 9: We're losing this!

Enemy 10: Come here you! Move out! Over there!

Enemy 11: Move it! Grenade, run!

Enemy 12: Over there!

Enemy 13: Over there! Grenade!

Enemy 14: We could use some help here!

Enemy 15: He's over there!

Enemy 16: We're losing this!

Enemy 17: Over there!

Enemy 18: Crap!

Enemy 19: Oh shit!

Enemy 20: Watch you fire!

The Shrouded Foreman: Fuck it! This place is tearing apart! Everybody get out now!

Enemy 21: Did you hear that? Down there!

Enemy 22: Get out of here!

Enemy 23: Did you see that?

Enemy 24: Send help! Get me out of here!

Enemy 25: Less talking, you idiots!

Enemy 26: Fuck, move it now! He's going to make it to the surface.

Enemy 27: Get me out of here!

Enemy 28: We're under heavy attack!

Enemy 29: Oh shit!

Mayor Clayton: Attention people of Wellspring. It is my...

Mick: Clearing the norther passage will make a lot of people...

Mayor Clayton: ...pleasure to announce a recent trade agreement with the town of...

Mick: ...around these parts mighty happy. It's sure nice having you here.

Mayor Clayton: ...Gun Barrel and the surrounding territories. The trade route will be a great benefit to all of use, and it will open up commerce to what was a dangerous territory. Remember working together benefits every citizen and makes this town stronger. Thank you for your attention.

Sheriff Black: Now that is another bit of good work. Those little RC Bombs were nasty. And now thanks to you, they're gone. What? Something's got Carlson setting off that well alarm again. Go see what the problem is. Probably just another false alarm.

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