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RAGE Walkthrough Part 23 - Hijacked Well (1 of 3)

Check out part 24 of this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "Hijacked Well" with this online demo.


Carlton: Well, it's about damn time they sent someone to help me. Hell, this situation is turning critical. You hear that? Critical! It's got to be dealt with fast, so . . . oh, my name is Carlton, and I manage the well. I was down there inspecting some equipment when a clan of bandits burst in and started ransacking the place. I barely made it out alive. Now they're threatening to poison our water supply. Know what that'll do? Strangle the town. Can't let that happen. Hell, no.

We need these bandits dealt with, and it looks like you're our only hope. Good. Stop whoever is doing this, and get that toxin before they poison the water. I've got some Electro-Bolts I can give you. If a bandit is foolish enough to stand in any water, shoot the water. Now go. And good luck.

Jerry: They jumped us. Came out of nowhere. You got to help us. There are some bandits around the corner. Use those Electro-Bolts. Do what you can.

Bandit 1: Yeah, easiest job ever.

Bandit 2: That's right. Damn bastards didn't even have guns. You find anything yet?

Bandit 1: There ain't shit.

Bandit 3: Hey, over there.

Bandit 4: I'm going to rip your face off.

Bandit 5: I see him!

Bandit 6: Over there!

Bandit 7: I need something to fucking drink. Look at all this goddamn water.

Bandit 8: Don't drink that shit. Ain't no telling when it's going to be poisoned.

Bandit 9: Chase him down!

Bandit 10: You're mine.

Bandit 9: You'll get it now.

Bandit 11: I see him!

Bandit 12: Who's that?

Bandit 13: There he is.

Bandit 14: Slice you.

Bandit 15: I see him!

Bandit 16: Cut you a new one.

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