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RAGE Walkthrough Part 25 - Hijacked Well (3 of 3)

Check out this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "Hijacked Well", "Deadly Delivery", and "Secret Delivery".


Jake: Whoa, nice my work, my friend.

Olive: Hey, hot shot.

Carlson: Incredible, you made it back alive. You just saved an entire town from certain death. I'm sure those bandits will think twice about messing with us again. Now about that toxin, I don't know what it is about it, but I know it isn't safe. Old man Kvasir should see it. Maybe he can figure out what it is. I just know I don't want it around here, too dangerous.

I need you to take it to him. Maybe he'll know what to do with it if those bandits ever try to use it again. Lot to ask, I know, but can you make the trek to north? Get him to examine the toxin? Thanks again for your help. Be careful out in the Wastelands, and don't let that toxin fall into the wrong hands.

Doctor Kvasir: Hello again, my friend. Yes, my friend, time to analyze exactly what it is you have here. Let me look at this. Ah, interesting, very powerful stuff here. Bandits getting very clever indeed.

Hmm. What's this? Wait. I think I could. Hold on. Let me trying something.

Oh, now look at this. That's something. Ah, yes! You see, you have indeed brought me something of great interest and great power. I have been working day and night to create a new kind of weapon for the Resistance. A weapon that would make even the Authority grow cautious.

I have had some small success injecting simple chains of nanotrites directly into a subject allowing them to be controlled, but it only works for a brief time. And I'm afraid the controlled victim eventually reaches nanotrite overload and simply explodes. Messy, short-lived, but still, within its limitations, quite powerful.

But now this toxin, you have so thoughtfully brought for my inspection, is exactly what I need to complete the formula. You just give me a moment here.

Ah, yes, that is it. Perfect, really perfect. Now, let me get it all packaged for you, and you can take it back. This is an important day for the Resistance, my friend.

So here it is, a simple bunch of mind control darts. Enough for the Resistance to begin using and testing. And they should be able to easily replicate the formula to produce more.

And now, here is where you come in. Find my friend Elizabeth Cadence. She will be in the Wellspring Bar. Get to her quickly with these darts. I know there's been trouble and she will need them. Do you understand? Good, you take care, my friend. Don't let the darts fall into the wrong hands.

Mick: Heard people said that there's been some Authority patrols snooping around. You keep a watch for them and your distance.

Jacob: They even dragged my brother in and questioned him about the resistance.

Sally: Hey, keep up the good work. The more Bandit cars you destroy, the more you'll earn.

Pollard: I hope he kept his mouth shut.

Jacob: You bet he did!

Elizabeth: You have something from Kvasir? It's not safe to talk here. Follow me.

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