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RAGE Walkthrough Part 27 - Liberate Captain Marshall (2 of 4)

Check out part 28 of this walkthrough for the FPS, Rage, from id software and beat "Liberate Captain Marshall" with this online demo.


Authority Computer: Attention security units, prison transfer scheduled for 16:00. Power Grids Four, Nine and Twelve, operational.

Power failure detected in Grid Nine.

Enforcer 1: Everyone check in.

Enforcer 2: Roger. Heading to Sector Nine. Visual contact.

Enforcer 1: Need power. All units, fall back!

Enforcer 2: Copy that, defending.

Enforcer 1: Target acquired!

Authority Computer: Attention all units. Threat Level Red initiated. Repeat. Threat Level Red initiated.

Enforcer 2: Target sighted. Moving on target.

Enforcer 1: Man down! Aw, crap.

Enforcer 2: Got it, move in. Go, go, go

Enforcer 1: Fall back! Look out! Grenade out! Advance on enemy position.

Enforcer 2: Copy. Advancing on position. Force him out. Target acquired. Frag out!

Enforcer 1: Watch where you throw those things.

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