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How to Wear a Scarf

Learn how to wear a scarf like they do in NYC from fashion editor Verena von Pfetten in this Howcast video.


When you're wearing a scarf don't worry too much about matching it. If you're wearing a solid color you can wear a pattern scarf. If you're wearing a pattern coat or a pattern shirt then maybe stick with a solid scarf. That's really all you need to think about.

One of the easiest ways in winter to sort of bundle up is a loop scarf, or sometimes called an infinity scarf. You can get it in a nice chunky knit. I love these in a solid color. Black. Brown. Maybe your favorite color like a red or blue. And they're super easy. You just wrap them around once, twice or however many times. And you're super warm and super cozy and you don't ever have to every worry about little bits flying out or tucking the ends of the scarf in. And they really go with anything.

If you're super tall you can definitely pull off a loop scarf by wearing it completely undone. This is a super minimalist look. You want to wear it with a really long coat. Maybe open and very simple streamlines. Second loop is an easy way just to keep yourself warm. Easy to put on and put off. What I love to do, especially if I'm wearing a crop jacket like a leather jacket or a jean jacket, is loop it a third time. Give yourself a little volume around the neck. That's especially great, again, if you're wearing a shorter jacket or something a little lighter.

The other thing about scarfs is they're great for accessorizing. That means you can wear them in the fall and in the spring. Maybe not New York in the summer. It gets a little hot. What you want to do is choose a lighter scarf with maybe a cool pattern or a cool print. In this case I have a leopard print scarf that's super thin. It's almost like a Pashmina. Leopard at this point is sort of like a neutral. It's something that goes with anything. You can wear it with colors. You can wear it with other prints. This is something super simple. You can either wear it just as a long scarf as an accessory. You can give it a couple wraps if you don't like things all the way hanging down. This way you can maybe wear it with a blazer or a t-shirt. If you really like things, again, close around your neck or you're trying to stay warm, give it a couple wraps. Maybe tuck the ends in just so you don' t quite see them. And that's another way to stay warm when it's that middle temperature. Not super cold. Not super hot but you're not sure exactly how you want to feel.

Another way to wear it is to split in half and grab the ends, then put it through the loop. Sometimes people call this a Parisian knot. I just think it's a really easy way to wear a scarf.

Scarfs, again, are accessories. You can almost think of them as jewelry or something to really brighten up an outfit. My favorite thing to do that is a silk scarf. You can find a ton of vintage ones on eBay or Etsy. But anything that has a lot of colors and feels really soft and just appeals to you.

Today we're going with a bright yellow print. This is something you can wear a million different ways. It's not going to keep you super warm but it's great again for layering and for adding that pop of color. An easy way to do this is to just fold it in half like a triangle. Put the pointed end down your back and tie it in the front. This should never look like you tried too hard. Don't worry about how it's sitting. Don't worry about the knot. Just let it feel really loose and comfortable.

Another way is to start with a scarf as a triangle. Find a flat surface just to roll it down a little bit so it's a little smaller. Then all you have to do is put it around your neck. Loop it once and find a cute way to tie it. It doesn't have to look totally done. I just looped it once and I'm putting a little knot in the front. Make sure it's not falling in your face. And you've got a little scarf like this. This is something I have worn many times. With a tank top or t-shirt and maybe a jean jacket.

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