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How to Wear a Hat

Learn how to wear hats like they do in NYC from fashion editor Verena von Pfetten in this Howcast video.


Hats are great way to accessorize your outfit. You know they can take a dress and sort of add a little spice to it. They're also great in weather and in somewhere like New York where you spend so much time outdoors, a great hat can honestly make or break your day. If it's rainy and a nice wide brimmed waterproof hat, you can look chic and stylish and stay dry in a way that doesn't involve like manhandling an umbrella all day long and in the winter when you're cold and sort of already bundled up a really cute knit hat is a great way to add warmth without sort of sacrificing on your style. So there are a few different types of hats out there. I mean, there's an unlimited variety, but I think the most common ones are the fedora, which we have in front, a wide brimmed hat which we would probably where in the winter, and a knit hat sort of like a winter hat, and you can get different shapes and more fitted shapes or floppy shape and I think the thing to keep in mind when you're accessorizing with the hat is really just the weather and what you're wearing. Fedoras are great, you know the straw ones in the summer wear them with a cute dress and sandals and it's sort of fun and you look playful and you get a little bit of that 70's beach vibe. The knit hats in the winter, they keep you warm and if you get them in a bright color or maybe even just your favorite color, that's a great way to add a little zest and a little brightness to sort of the dark winter months. And then my favorite, again, is just a wide brimmed felt hat, ideally one that's a little bit waterproof and that's something you don't have to think too much about. It's great, because if it rains a little bit you're totally dry, I think it looks really chic. It's something you see a little bit more in Europe and I think it's a great thing to translate to a New York City street That's something I would wear with anything from like a Cashmere sweater to a jean jacket, to like a warm winter coat or a dress or pants. I think that you can be as dressy or as casual as you want it to be.

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