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How to Wear a Fedora

Learn how to wear a fedora like they do in NYC from fashion editor Verena von Pfetten in this Howcast video.


When it comes to wearing hats, almost anything goes except it's really important to keep in mind fit. It's just like clothing. Everyone's heads are different shapes and sizes and hats come in different shapes and sizes. If you're wearing a fedora, it's typically a summer hat. It's sort of, you know, something you wear in the warmer months and when you're doing that, maybe look for a straw or a sort of natural weave material because that's gonna be the coolest on your head, but still provide some shade. Another thing is to just make sure it fits. You don't want the fedora to sit too high on your head. You want it to look like it fits you and it's sitting and it's not gonna blow off at any second. So, it should be snug. It should fit about halfway down your forehead and if you're wearing a straw, sort of natural weave one, it's great to pair it with really summery outfits, dresses, sandals, maybe a little more neutral colors, again, so you're sort of bringing that, that beachy feel into the city, but the most important thing is to just make sure it fits. If you find a fedora that maybe isn't a natural weave and is a thicker, darker material like this one, that's something you can absolutely wear in the winter months or even in fall or spring in a little bit more of a transitional season because it's darker and it will go better with your fall clothing and it might seem a little out of place with a summer dress.

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