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How to Wear a Knit Hat

Learn how to wear a knit hat like they do in NYC from fashion editor Verena von Pfetten in this Howcast video.


New York is freezing in the winter and the one thing you have to do if you go outside is wear a hat. I know no one wants to wear a hat because it's always going to mess up your hair and you always feel like you look a little not put together. But, I think a hat is a really cute way to accessorize and outfit make it different and be totally functional. A knit hat is a perfect example they come in all different shapes and sizes. Some will fit snugger to the head some will fit a little looser. It's really up to you what your comfortable with. If you're someone whose hair is down a lot and it's really important that your hair doesn't get messed up I recommend a loser fit knit hat one that sits further back on your head. If your someone with shorter hair and your hairs not that difficult and it's not as important to make sure it doesn't get mussed. Get a thicker knit hat and one that fits really snug to your head and you will be warmer. When you're playing around with it again play with colors. Maybe different patterns. The fun thing is that it's just a hat and you can take it off. You're just wearing it outside and when you're sort of cold. If you're wearing an all black coat or your usual winter outfit and your sort of sick of it brighten it up with a fun hat. Pick your favorite color something that's just going to make you happy. You don't even have to match your scarf and your hat and your bag. Don't worry about it. I think the best part is sort of walking down a busy dark street and you see like a bright colored winter hat and all those bright knit scarves I think that's a really nice way to sort of look at clothing and style and see a little brightness in your day.

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