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How to Wear Wellies

Learn how to wear wellies like they do in NYC from fashion editor Verena von Pfetten in this Howcast video.


One of the things about living in New York is that you are always outside. You don't have a car, so there's a lot of walking. You're going to and from the subway. If you're lucky, you're taking a taxi. And you never know what the weather's going to be like. You know, in the winter, in the fall when it's sort of cold and rainy or snowy, a great way to get around that and maybe keep your feet dry from those big puddles, are a pair of wellies. You know, these are something that at first glance you're thinking, "I'm not going to wear a rain boot with my outfit." It's not a big deal. Kate Middleton wears it all the time. She has a pair of wellies she wears with jeans, and a blazer, and she makes them look impossibly chic. They're not something to stress out about. The one rule with wellies is just make sure wearing a clean slender line on your legs. So, if you're wearing jeans, make sure they're a skinny jean or a slim jean that's going to go down around your ankle, so you don't end up with bunching. Otherwise, you can wear them with skirts. Make sure you've got some good socks or a pair of tights. You can even wear them with shorts. Jean shorts and a T-shirt if it's a hot summer day, or it's humid but really rainy throw on a pair of wellies with your shorts. If you're going to the office and you're wearing a nice work dress and maybe a blazer, just put them on over your tights and maybe bring a pair of shoes in your bag to change into. In terms of color, most of the wellies you're going to get are black, maybe green, brown, sort of neutral. I love a classic green welly, it just reminds me of being a kid. But there's something really fun and playful about getting a bright color. You could get a pair of yellow ones, or red ones. I have a friend that has a pair with little red ladybugs on them. You know, the point is that you're slashing through puddles. This isn't something to take seriously or worry about. You can wear them with anything, and just wear what makes you feel happy.

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