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Should You Wear Bare Legs, Pantyhose or Tights in NYC?

Learn whether you should wear bare legs, pantyhose, or tights with your outfit from fashion editor Verena von Pfetten in this Howcast video.


So one of the age-old questions when it comes to fashion and getting dressed is bare legs, pantyhose or tights.

You know, really what it comes down to is first thing, the weather. In the winter you don't have to avoid skirts or dresses just because it's freezing. Get a good pair of opaque tights, they don't have to be black. This is a great way to play with color. If you're wearing a black dress maybe wear fun, bright colored pair of tights. You want to wear a pair of black tights wear a really fun dress.

In this case, this is a dress that I bought for summer, and it's sort of a light silk dress and you wouldn't think I'd be wearing it in the winter. What I love to do is pair it with a thick pair of black tights that really keep me warm, some boots, and then I layer on a jacket and everything else. So in that case tights are a great way to take your summer dresses and make them work in the wintertime.

As for bare legs versus pantyhose. I think that's something that, in this day and age, you can largely wear just bare legs. Kate Middleton may be championing the comeback of the pantyhose but I think you're always just gonna look better in bare legs. And if you're worried about maybe your legs or you feel like you just want a little bit of coverage and you're not super comfortable, another easy trick is some sort of spray-on stocking. Sally Hansen makes a great brand and you just buy it on the drugstore. And it's almost like an extra thick, almost like a fake tan that you spray on your legs but it doesn't look an unnatural color, it usually blends right in, and it gives your legs a very smooth, even appearance. So if the reason you really want to wear pantyhose is because you want your legs to look sort of smooth and even, I would suggest trying the Sally Hansen leg spray. That's a really easy way to make you look a little bit more modern. I think the problem with pantyhose is they sort of remind everyone of their mother, or maybe the 80s, or nurses. And that's something you want to avoid when you're getting dressed.

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