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How to Dress to Get into New York City Clubs

Learn how to dress to get into NYC clubs from fashion editor Verena von Pfetten in this Howcast video.


So when it comes to going out in New York almost anything goes. The key thing to keep in mind is that you should really dress it up.

You know, New York's a pretty casual place and you don't have to worry too much
during the day but at nighttime, especially if you're going to the clubs or
something likthe bigger nightlife scenes that's where you really want to
dial it up.

And and easy way to do that, again, is the statement shoes or a statement bag.
Pick like a really, like a high pair of heels as long as you can still dance in
them. Maybe something with a bright color or even some cool hardware or
studding. Just something that's like really fun and funky and can take a
simple dress and make it look really, really glamorous and just ready for the
night time.

Another way to sort of take a simple outfit is, again, a statement bag. A
bright bag. Metallics. Golds. Anything you're doing, especially at night,
you know it's dark, you want to be eye-catching and you want to sort of stand out in
the crowd. And an easy way to do that is bright colors, bright metallics, lots
of hardware. And basically just accessorizing as much as you possibly can. You know big jewelry.

I would definitely recommend a more nighttime makeup look. A little more
red lipstick. And then pick a cool jacket, especially if you're going in the winter months or maybe some, or during the time when you need to have some layers. Keep in mind that what people are seeing of you is just going to be your outerwear. So pick a really
cool leather jacket and maybe a bright scarf. Or you know if it's a heavier coat
because it's colder maybe something with some print or texture, like a
leopard print. Or a bright color, like a red coat.

The thing to keep in mind when going out in New York is again, it's just, it's really
glamorous and it's all about sort of taking your personal style and dialing
it up a notch. So if you're going to wear a hat maybe pair it with some big

Another thing to do is, you know, take a cool jacket in a bright color that's still
really fitted around the waist so that it creates a cool line with maybe a
little black dress. It's another way to just sort of take things that you
already have in your closet and recycle them and sort of dial them up a
notch for the evening.

New York can be a little tricky with the nightlife. I think you should just
dress for what you're in the mood for. If you're going somewhere that's you know maybe has a velvet rope or seems like it might be a little harder to get into, you want to really dress it up. You want to look like you are meant to be there and fit the part.

You know if you're going to a bar you can wear sneakers and jeans. Don't worry about
it. I think what you just don't want to do is look like you, you know, aren't dressed
for the location. You know, restaurants rarely have dress codes but clubs might. And when it comes to getting in they're going to look at you and they're going
to say, 'All right. Who really wants to be here and who's going to fit in
here.' And a cool way to do that is make yourself stand out. It's not about
looking expensive or having like the shortest skirt or the highest heels. It's
just about standing out and looking yourself.

So again, that's accessorizing, that's bright colors. And that's maybe just you know adding a little more oomph than you would normally do during the day.

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