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How to Pick Evening Wear for New York City

Learn how to pick evening wear fit for a night on the town in NYC from fashion editor Verena von Pfetten in this Howcast video.


There's so much to do in New York at night. There's amazing places to have dinner. There's theater, and there's the ballet and there's the opera. And it's such a good opportunity to sort of dress up.

I think the fun thing about New York is that anything goes. But anything goes really dressy as well. You know there's such a rare chance to sort of bring out your favorite dresses and your heels. And sort of really get done up. And New York's a great city for that. If you're going to a nice restaurant in New York, one of the things to keep in mind is just try and look a sort of classic as possible. I think that's the easiest to feel comfortable in what you're wearing.

Particularly if you're not used to dressing up. A really simple black dress with a great pair of Stamen heels and a nice bag goes a really, really long way. You don't want to have to worry about having the right dress for the moment. Or you know the one that walked down the runways. Keep it really, really simple and invest in a black dress that makes you feel happy and makes you feel comfortable.

And then just pair it with maybe a different pair of heels or a fun purse with like bright colors and a really surprising material. And that's a really easy way to sort of look put together and classic but without looking like you're trying too hard. I think another thing to do is also you can dress up your jeans. Maybe you're coming from a casual workplace. Like mine, I wear sort of the same pair of black skinny jeans every day. If I have to go somewhere dressy like a cocktail party work, you can definitely turn jeans into a sort of form of evening wear.

You know pair it with again a nice pair of heels. Maybe a black patent leather or something sort of bright as long as there's a tall heel. And then keep the jeans nice and slim and streamlined. And then wear a great blouse and some big jewelry. And what you're going to end up with is a really sort of classy chic look that doesn't look like you try too hard and that you could very easily take from the office to the evening.

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