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How to Add Style to a Summer Outfit

Learn how to add style to summer outfits like they do in NYC from fashion editor Verena von Pfetten in this Howcast video.


Summer in New York can be really hot and really humid and you spent a
lot of time outdoors. There's this instinct to just wear jeans and a
tank top every single day, but that's not fun if you want to have a
little bit more playfulness to your style or be a little more creative.
There's a few things you can do to make it a little easier to spice up
your summer style without wearing the same thing over and over again.
So, you're really hot and you want to wear as little clothing as
possible. An easy way to do that without looking like you're wearing
jeans and a tank top to the office is a sheer blouse or something that's
a lighter loose material that's really, really breathable. There's so
many out there right now in different prints and different patterns and
bright colors that if you wear that with some nice loose slacks or even
a cropped, high-waisted skirt. That's a really easy way to look
professional, to look creative and interesting and not look like you're
too hot or uncomfortable. Another thing is your footwear. You want to
try and avoid wearing flip flops in the city. It really doesn't look
good and it doesn't feel good because it's not a clean city. Wear some
flats or wear some really nice sandals. There's, again, so many options
and bright colors and with different hardware. Maybe a pair of brown
ones that are a little more classic for work and maybe on the weekends
or evenings a bright yellow pair or a bright green pair. That's another
way to take a simple dress and wear some cool sandals or some bright
colored footwear. That's really going to spice up that outfit. Another
thing to keep in mind is sunglasses and jewelry and all those cheap
accessories that you can cycle in and out during the summer. Use a
simple dress or simple uniform and then cycle those accessories in. I
love taking a simple breathable dress and wearing it a few different
ways, even if I wear it multiple times a week. You can belt it higher
or lower or you can wear it with a different pair of shoes, big earrings
or a bright bag. The best thing to do is get a dress that's really
comfortable and that is very simple in a neutral color, something like a
camel or a white, or a pale green, whatever your favorite color is, but
something that you can really play with. That's another way to beat the
heat but without looking like you're wearing the same thing over and
over again.


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