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How to Add Style to a Fall Outfit

Learn how to add style to fall outfits like they do in NYC from fashion editor Verena von Pfetten in this Howcast video.


Fall is one of my favorite seasons in New York. Mainly because you just have so many options. It's not too cold, it's not too hot which means you can really play around with what you're wearing.

A really great baseline is a great pair of jeans, some comfortable boots with a little style. You know maybe they're a good quality leather boot and an ankle boot or maybe a knee high, black, flat riding boot. And then pick a couple blouses that you love wearing and that you can really accessorize with. Because that's your base.

And then you can wear vests or blazers or cardigans or light jackets, scarves, hats. There's so much opportunity to sort of add style to a really, really simple outfit. You know, vests have been really big right now. And you don't have to go with like the big fur vests. The great thing is that there's faux fur that's really inexpensive and looks really good.

You know, or even like a knit vest over a denim shirt is a cool way to add texture. That's something to keep in mind when you're layering is you don't want everything to sort of be the same. You don't want a cotton t-shirt and a cotton cardigan and then a light cotton blazer. You know, maybe do a t-shirt with like a chunky knit cardigan and a linen blazer. So you have all these different textures.

And that, even if you like staying in a neutral color zone, like maybe you don't want to wear brights. Maybe you really want to wear like camels and whites and blacks. If you're doing that you can really add texture and make your outfit really interesting just by sort of mixing up the materials you're using. And again, this is where you can bring in scarves. Bring in bright colored scarves or bring in like textured scarves, a fisherman's knit.

There's so many options for sort of how to dress in the fall. Because you're not limited. You're not going to be too hot. You're not going to be too cold. This is where you can make your entire wardrobe work for you.
You can use your summers, your summer dresses paired with some tights and sort of bring them into fall. And you can take some of your winter things by just not wearing a coat. If you have your favorite sweater you can wear it all through fall, maybe over a skirt or dress.

And that's just sort of a way to keep yourself cool but by wearing your clothing all through the seasons.

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