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How to Add Style to a Spring Outfit

Learn how to add style to spring outfits like they do in NYC with the fashion tips in this video from Howcast.


Spring is a great season in New York because you're sort of coming out of the winter and all the black and the cold and the miserable weather and, you know, the sun's out. And you finally have the chance to wear these clothes that have maybe been hiding in the back of your closet. You know, you're sick of all the dark colors and you want to wear the brights.

So there's so many chances to really make a statement with what you're wearing. There's that famous scene in The Devil Wears Prada. Florals for spring, you know. It's true, though. You can wear florals. Wear them in the spring time. It's, all the flowers are coming up. You want to feel bright. It's a great way to pair, you know, a floral dress with a jean jacket.

I think a jean jacket is probably a spring staple. You can use it to wear sort of some of your winter clothes but sort of transition out of the cold weather. So maybe your jeans, like a dark jean with some boots and a light jean jacket. You are allowed to mix denims provided they don't match. You can wear black jeans and a light blue jacket. Or even like a grey denim jacket with some dark blue jeans. All you want to do is make sure that they don't look like they're a matching pair.

Crop blazers are another option. Any sort of scarves. You're gonna be hitting probably a fair amount of rain so this where you can bring out your rain boots and sort of style them with your spring clothes. Wear them with flirty dresses and shorts and little tank tops and blazers and cardigans. And it's all about just dressing in a way that makes you feel sort of airy and breezy and gives you lots of layers in case it rains or in case it gets extra hot.

You know there's always that one really, really sunny day in April and everybody thinks summer's here and then it shows up two months later. This is the chance where you can sort of play around with your style.

And you can also test out things for summer. Maybe there's certain things that you think you want to try, trends you saw. Start cycling a few of them into your outfits in the spring in a way that, you know, maybe it's a super daring blouse and a bright, bright print. But you can throw a blazer over it. And then by the time summer rolls around maybe you'll feel comfortable just wearing that print on its own.

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