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What Is NYC Street Fashion?

Learn about NYC street fashion from fashion editor Verena von Pfetten in this Howcast video.


New York City sidewalks are filled with people from every walk of life. If you really want to do some people watching in New York, the best thing to do is find somewhere to sit outside where you can just watch people walk by. Maybe pick a fashion-forward neighborhood like Soho or the Garment District where there are a lot of people who work in fashion, and you can see those trends translated from the runway into a street-style look. There's no shortage of blogs that are dedicated to documenting New York City street style. The Sartorialist is probably the most famous. His girlfriend, Garance Doré, has her own blog as well, and she covers street style from a different angle. There's so much inspiration to be taken from it. Most of the fact comes from the fact that people are fearless. In New York, anything goes, so if you are walking down the street and you see a really crazy look and you think "Man, I wish I could do that," you don't have to do it. Maybe take one piece of that and incorporate that into your next outfit. That's an easy way to bring yourself up or try trends that maybe you don't think are for you, but you want to test them out. New York City streets are filled with all of these different looks. Some of them are really dressy and high-powered suits and stiletto heels. Some of them are a little more street fashion: cool sneakers with a loose-draped sweater. I think part of it is just finding what that balance is for you and what's going to make you feel comfortable and interesting when you walk down the street.

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