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What Are the Best Shopping Neighborhoods in New York City?

Learn about the best neighborhoods in NYC for shopping from fashion editor Verena von Pfetten in this Howcast video.


New York is a shopping city and that means every different neighborhood has a different sort of style of clothing, and shopping, and retail stores that are available. So, it's really a question of what you're looking for. Midtown is sort of famous for the big department stores. Those iconic New York stores like Barneys, and Saks and Bergdorfs. They also have a lot of the flagship stores for the big brands, like the Chanels and the Louis Vuittons. That's what you're going to find in Midtown Soho is another great option where you can sort of get the high-end brands, a little bit mix of contemporary. There's H&M, there's Zara, there's also a Bloomingdales and a Barneys in Soho. So, you're going to get a little bit ore of a mix. The other thing you'll find is the original boutiques where maybe you'll find up and coming designers or ones you haven't heard of. The streets in and around Soho and the sort of neighborhoods just off of it like, Nolita, is where you'll be able to pop into different boutiques and see designers that maybe are new to you or maybe just starting out. And it's a great way to sorta get a sense of what's out there that isn't already in the magazines or isn't already in the advertising you see everyday. It's a great way to explore. Another option is to go to Brooklyn, where there's a lot of thrift shops and a lot of vintage shopping. And because it's not in Manhattan, you're going to find slightly better prices. So, if you're looking for maybe, a little more individuality in your clothing and maybe, a little bit more of a budget, Brooklyn, places like Williamsburg or Beacon's Closet are a great place to start. And if you love sort of, the convenience of shopping, I think the one thing I miss about living in New York is that you don't get the malls. You don't get to go to a store and then go to the next one and the next one. And I think that if that's what you're looking for and you want to do the one stop shop, you could try Queens and going to Rego Park. There's a great mall there. And there's a Century 21. Which is probably one of New York's most famous department stores, the one that's in Manhattan. But, if you go to the one in Queens you're going to find it's a lot less crowded and you're not going to have to dig to find the treasures.

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