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What's in New York City's Garment District?

Learn about NYC's famous Garment District from fashion editor Verena von Pfetten in this Howcast video.


So the center of New York's fashion world is the Garment District. And while it sounds like a great place for shopping it's actually really much more of a wholesale market. All of the designer's have their head, main offices in the Garment District. And it's where you can go if you really want swaths of fabric or maybe you love making your own clothes. One of the most famous stores in the Garment District is called M&J Trimmings. You may recognize it from uh, Project Runway, but you can even buy things there. If you love to just sew or maybe um, get a little creative with your own clothes. They do sell to consumers and you can buy smaller pieces of things, as opposed to large bolts of fabric. But typically if you're walking through the Garment District it is a wholesale neighborhood. You are gonna see lots of fashion people, because that's where these big houses have their head offices. So, you know, places like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren their offices are in the Garment District. But it's much more of a business district as opposed to shopping. Uh, the other thing you can see as a sort of sightseeing destination is the Fashion Walk of Fame, which sounds just like the Hollywood one. And there are little stars and it's up and down 7th Avenue. And it's where you can sorta see the biggest names in fashion immortalized on the street. The Garment District also used to be the center of the manufacturing of the fashion world. Um, you know, in recent times a lot of manufacturing has gone offshore. But New York City specifically has been trying to focus on more American made clothing, and if you're gonna find that, you're gonna find that in the Garment District. There's warehouses and there's factories. And some of the most famous American brands do put a lot of effort into manufacturing back in New York. If only for the quality and sort of the idea of American made clothing. And that's what you're gonna find in the Garment District.

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