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How to Do a Dumbbell Row for a Back Workout

Learn how to do a dumbbell row from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this home back workout for men video from Howcast.


Hey Guys, this is Max Tapper again for Howcast. And today I'm going to show you how to do a dumbbell row on the bench. Alright? Obviously that's going to be a one arm dumbbell row and it's going to target our lats, our rear delts, our rhomboids, our biceps, our forearms, so tons of muscles in this. And this is what I would call a prime exercise. So these are one of the exercises that if you're really looking to add some strength or size to your lats, these are going to be one of the ones that you're going to definitely go to. Basically you're able to lift the most amount of weight and you're going to be in a very stable position. Okay?

So this is what it's going to look like. Come along. We're going to get one knee on the bench, other leg out to the side. The reason that I like to do that is I like to put your abdominals over the floor. A lot of people do it differently where they are staggering their leg this way and you're going to put more tension on your lower back. So my version is going to be a lot safer. It may be harder to do but a lot safer and more effective. Okay?

Leg out to the side, stomach over the floor and we're going to grab a hold of this dumbbell. Now, the first thing you want to think about when you grab the dumbbell is let's use your hand as a hook. Instead of thinking of squeezing that dumbbell and putting everything into your bicep and your forearm, we're going to use it as a hook and think of lifting our elbow back. Alright? So that's a very important key to really isolate that lat muscle.

We're going to grab a hold, slowly lift, one. Allow yourself to extend down, back again, allow yourself to go step down. Now, this is the dumbbell row.

The one mistake a lot of people make is using their legs. Okay? Now, if you're using your legs then what you're effectively doing is making that weight lighter. So majority of the time when you see people lifting a weight that's too heavy for them, they're using their legs. So if you see this on your extension, up, that weight is too heavy for you, okay? We need to lock those legs in, your back's going to be stable, and you're going to allow your shoulder to drop maybe that is the only thing that'll happen. Contract and pull but the legs don't move.

Alright guys? So remember, use the hands as a hook. It's going to be so effective. This is an excellent exercise to really target those back muscles. This is going to be one of the top three that I do. I love dumbbell rows, I do them all the time and I think you should too.

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