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How to Do a Lat Stretch for a Back Workout

Learn how to do a lat stretch from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this home back workout for men video from Howcast.


Hey, Guys. It's Max Happer again for Howcast. What I'm going to show you guys to do today is a basic lat stretch. Obviously we're going to the gym. We're doing pull-ups. We're doing pull-downs, dumbbell rolls. We need to stretch those muscles.

Guys, remember this: Stretching is as important as working out. A muscle that is not stretched does not get a good amount of blood flow, and it doesn't get a lot of nervous synapses, a lot of information from your nerves. You always want to stretch your muscle.

This is one of the most basic lat stretches you can do, and it's always going to be effective. All you need to find is a shelf, a table, a bar, anything that you could possibly use to amp your arms onto, and then you're going to extend your body down. Watch. This is your lat stretch. A stretch like that, I would have you hold for about 30 seconds and maybe do two to three sets of it. So counting 30 seconds straight. Pause. Go back and do another 30 seconds, and then again you repeat.

Guys, remember. Stretching a muscle is extremely, extremely important, especially if you want it to develop, and you want it to respond to what you're doing to it. You need to stretch the muscle.

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