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How to Do a Lower Back Extension for a Back Workout

Learn how to do a lower back extension from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this home back workout for men video from Howcast.


Hi guys. This is Max Tapper again, for Howcast.

And today I'm going to show you guys how to do a lower back extension. Alright? Now, lower back extension, basically just a way of strengthening your lower back muscles. Very important for a lot of people that have weak backs. Now, some people also call them supermans. And the superman's difference is just extending your arms out in the same exact position. So let me show you how this works. Okay?

What we're going to do is lie flat down on a mat. You probably going to want to find something to put in front of your face, so you're not putting your face and your mouth directly on these mats. Because, obviously, you don't know who was here before you.

The position that we want to be in is flat, face down on a soft pad. Okay? Now, all we're going to do is lift our chest off that pad, hold for three to five seconds. Go back down. Lift the chest off the pad again and we're going to continue that in repetitions. Okay?

Now, there's different ways of doing the lower back extension. We can just lift our upper body, or we can lift our upper body and our lower limbs. So we're going to lift our legs at the same time. I think that one is going to be the more advanced version. It's going to be more beneficial, because you're going to get more muscles working at the same time. Okay?

So let me show you how that works. I'm going to go through both of them. The first one I'm going to show you is just lifting the upper body off the pad. And then the second one I'm going to show you is lifting my upper body and my legs off the pad. Okay? Follow me.

So these lower back extensions, or supermans, are excellent for strengthening your lower back. The one thing I like about doing your lower back extensions with your legs moving at the same time, is you're going to get a lot of group, and you're going to get a lot of hamstring work at the same time. Alright? So the more muscles we're working, the better off we are. The more calories we're burning, the more muscle we're getting strong. So I always would recommend that you do arms and legs at the same time.

If you have some maybe hamstring weakness or some other weakness in your lower back, if there's pain, then that's completely fine. Then you just lift your upper body, and you probably don't even bring it as high as you can. Keep it in a nice, controlled position, where you can activate those lower back muscles at the same time. Okay?

So guys, remember. Slow, controlled, isometric. Five seconds, four, three, two, one. Slow back down to the pad. Back up again. Five, four, three, two, one.

Now, remember, your lower back is a stability muscle. Alright? So fast motions for your lower back aren't going to be as effective as slow, controlled, and held motions.

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