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How to Do a Standing One-Arm Row for a Back Workout

Learn how to do a standing one-arm row from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this home back workout for men video from Howcast.


Hi guys, this is Max Happer again for Howcast. What I'm going to show you how to today is a one-arm cable row. We're going to do the one-arm cable row right here, but you can do it on any type of row machine that you find at your gym. This is just what we have at our disposal right now.

Let me show you how this works. As with our other standing cable row, what we're going to do is put some of this load on our legs. We need to bend here to take that pressure off our lower back. Now, we're just using one arm at a time. We're going to allow our arms to go forward, retract, and pull. Slowly forward, retract, and pull. And pull.

Now, this is an excellent exercise for building your lats. It's also an excellent exercise for balancing out the difference in strength in both of your lats. Since you're going to be doing a unilateral exercise you're doing one arm at a time. It's excellent for helping you decrease that difference in strength in both of your sides. Usually, everybody has one strong side and one weak side. Something like this helps you to work that out.

Whenever you use a regular bar in your pulling one of your arms is going to be weaker, and it's going to die and the other one will compensate. What this does for you is evens out that difference and it will make you strong, and work your lats, biceps, rear delts, rhomboids, and upper back muscles at the same time. It also has a large, large requirement for your core strength.

This is an awesome exercise, but because of the requirement on your legs and your lower back you can't lift the whole stack. Basically, when you crouch down what you're doing is you're trying to prevent yourself from flying into this machine. Because that's there, everything is not going to go onto your lats. A lot of other muscles are going to require stabilization and a lot more work.

This is definitely an exercise I would do after my big, big motion, after I do my row, after I do my pullup or my pulldown. This is a secondary exercise. But it's a great one to do, and definitely include it into your workout.

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