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Killer Home Back Workout Basics

Learn the basics of a killer home back workout from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this Howcast video.


Hi guys, it's Max Tapper again for Howcast and today I want to go over the basics for a killer lat workout. Obviously lats means we're talking about our back. And we're gonna go through a lot of really big muscle movements like bent over rolls, dumbbell rolls, pull-ups, pull-downs. Those sort, sort of things, which are really going to be integral in getting your back to where you want it to be. All right, some of the basic things that you really need to understand when you're doing back is that the larger the muscle, the more weight is gonna be required to overload it. So we're going to be looking for big movements. So the most amount of weight that we can move under perfect control, which is gonna be the most important thing. Lifting a weight that's heavier then you can manage to a certain number is going to do nothing, but increase your risk of injury. So what we want to do is be very careful to use the heaviest weight we can manage under perfect, perfect control. So if your goal is 12, or 10 to 12 as a rep range, you need to make sure that you can hit that 12 without losing form. If that starts to happen, that means either we drop the weight, or we drop our rep range. But any which way we need to be very cognizant of being safe and effective at the same time.

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