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How to Do a Crank & Shake Dance Move for Arm Workout

Learn how to crank and shake for an arm workout from fitness instructor Michelle Seabreeze in this Howcast dance workout video.


Guys and gals, now we are going to do a workout for our arms that my grandma likes. It is called the Crank and Shake. I know what you are thinking, 'This sounds crazy!' and you are right. It is! It is fun and it is great for your arms.

So stand there with your feet shoulder width apart. You are going to bend one knee. Take one hand in front of you, like a lawnmower you are going to pull it up; one, two, three, four. Now you can add whatever style you want to this. You can add a little bounce if you want to. Do not go too crazy, I do not want you to hurt your back. Switch to the other side, bend the other knee, crank it up; two, three, four.

Now if you want to get extra special, you can add a weight or something. That is a lot but let us stick with the groove. One, two, one, two. This part is super easy. Stay with your knees bent and you are going to shake it up. This is why my grandma loves it. Shake it up. Shake it down.

Now you have to put those two together because it is called the Crank and Shake. So you are going; one, two, huh, one, two, huh. Yes! You add the 'Huh!' It is good for you. So you crank it up, shake it up. Crank it up. Shake it up. Crank and shake. Crank and shake.
You would be surprised how much fun it is to get your arms in shape. Do you know what? It would be a lot more fun with the music. Kick it DJ.

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