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How to Do the Squat Slide Dance Move for a Leg Workout

Learn how to to do the squat slide for a leg workout from fitness instructor Michelle Seabreeze in this Howcast dance workout video.


So we still need to get these quads together, right ladies? You've got those short dresses on. You walking out in high heels. Boom, boom, boom. But wait a minute. It's all jiggling. We want it to stop jiggling.

So we're going to do a little dance. I call it the squat and slide. I know it sounds crazy, like what am I about to do?

We're going to put our feet shoulder width apart. Bend down, don't let your knees go over your toes too much. Push it back up. This is a regular squat, right. I want to make it groovy. Right?

Now, guys, I know you're thinking, "It's a girl thing so I can turn away." Don't you turn away. Because every time we do a dance you're back there doing nothing. You need to do it with us. Okay? So we're going to do the squat and slide together. Now, if you're with your girl she's going to love you for this. And, you don't have to go and take dance lessons with her. You can just do it right in your apartment. No embarrassment, no shame here.

You ready? Here we go. So feet shoulder width apart, squat. Now you take one foot out and slide. Squat, and slide. Squat, and slide. Take one foot out, and you squat and slide at the same time.

This is groovy. You could do this at the beach. I mean, it's going to be a little bit harder at the beach because of the sand and everything, but hey it's a better workout. Right? You get these groovy arms - I call these freestyle arms. Because you can do whatever you want.

Now, if you want to really get into it you could bring it down lower, hey! And see if your man can do it with you. Hey, he's doing it. Hey! Hey! Pick your foot up. Pick your foot up. Do the squat and slide. Do the squat and slide.

Oh, you know what? This is not really, you're not really getting the full impact without the music. Right? Yes. Kick it DJ, let's do this.

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