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How to Do a Body Waves Dance Move for Ab Workout

Learn how to do body waves for an ab workout from fitness instructor Michelle Seabreeze in this Howcast dance workout video.


So, now is the time to work on our abs. I've been seeing some of you out there with half tops, no shirts, and let me tell you people, it doesn't look pretty. I'm just saying. I'm bringing it real. I teach cause I care. So, what we're going to do now is some body waves. Now, you can work out your abs and look sexy at the same time. And you're like, no way Seabreeze. And I'm like, "Yes way!" I'm gonna show you how it's done. So, you gonna let your feet go slightly over shoulder width apart. You're gonna turn a little bit to the diagonal. Make sure your toes are pointed in the same direction. Now, breaking down your forehead, goes back. Bring it to your chest and then you drop it into your hips. And that's the basic breakdown. Remember, let your forehead drop back. Boom. Chest. Boom. Hips. Boom. Now, when you put them all together, it looks like a wave. And I like this because it with like my name. Seabreee, Bodywave. And you can do it to any side. And this again, you can do it anywhere. On a crowded subway is best because you really get a seat. Start doing this in front of the person. You know what they think? You need to sit down. You can do this right at the beach. Just in case you forgot and took your shirt off and everything didn't look too great. You can start rolling, waving. One more time. Let's break it down one more time. Because some people, it's a little, little stiff. So, let's just make sure it's smooth. You wanna make sure it's smooth. Remember, your feet are a little bit shoulder width apart. Don't forget to breathe because if you fall out, it's gonna look crazy. Trust me. You waving and you fall, it's not cute. So, remember, forehead, boom, chest, boom. Forehead. Chest. Hips. Remember to sit in your hips. Now, if you want to reverse it, you can bring it back up. Hey, taking it back. Forehead. Chest. Hips. Hips. Chest. Forehead. Forehead. Chest. Hips. I think we got it. Now, remember to smooth it out. This is just the break down. You don't wanna be out there on the dance floor doing this. They gonna talk about you when you leave. Trust me. Make sure you smooth it out. I feel it. You know what? You know what would really make me feel it? DJ, you know what I'm talking about. Now, rememeber to engage your abs. When you lift up your shirt, you want it to be really, really smooth, like your body wave.

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