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How to Do the Willie Bounce Dance Move for a Back Workout

Learn how to do the Willie bounce for a back workout from fitness instructor Michelle Seabreeze in this Howcast dance workout video.


All right, guys and gals, I got another move for you. It's for your back, and it's called the Willy Bounce. A little dance hall move I like to do, because it's easy, it's fun, it's low, you ain't gotta go nowhere, you can just stay here.

Feet slightly shoulder width apart, getting low. Pull it in, pull it in. Pull it in, side to side. Pull it in. Now you're like, "What is she doin' with her hands?" I'm grabbin'. grabbin', grabbin'. Pull it in, that's a quick grab. Pull it in, like you crankin' somethin'. Crankin' it. Crank up that engine. You don't need any caffeine, just do the Willy Bounce. Bring it in, bring it in, bring it in. Do a little bounce. See my legs, they goin' too. They down for the ride, right? So we Willy Bouncin', side to side, pullin' knives from the air. Pull it in, pull it in, pull the energy in. So you do this at the end of the day, after you finish work, or right before you finish work. Your boss is like, "I need that, I need it in." You're like, "I got you, let me just do Willy Bounce first." That's all you need to do. But you need some music, right? Kick it DJ.

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